Googling about millennials and their financial situation today might leave you with an alarming number of articles with the buzzing keywords of “debt” and “financial trouble”. This isn’t exactly a trend we want to continue seeing, especially when it comes to our youth. Known as the current high spending generation, […]

It has been  50 years since the tragic event of 13 May 1969 took place. Most Malaysians still remember or are reminded of the chaotic events that had erupted. For most millennials, the specific incidents are hazy, and reasons resulting in the conflict are also unclear. For much older generations, […]

There’s an ongoing debate on who exactly coined the term “social media”. According to an article by Forbes, three possible candidates have claimed to have used the term, but there has been no reliable indication as to who was the first-ever say those two brilliant words. With various social media […]

Anyone ever entertain the idea that maybe Gillian Anderson ceased to age? Sex Education has her playing Jean Milburn, a stunning sex therapist, who to the horror of her teenage son, proudly displays karma sutra portraits and wooden penises around her home. Seems perfect for a teen house party, really. […]

Social Media – Getting to KNOW you since…well more than a decade ago. The latest #FOMO craze on social media has got everyone sharing their photos  and marveling at each other’s youthful progression after 10 years. Yet, beneath the feel good factor lies a sneaky agenda that creates the perfect […]


Social media is growing. Social media is evolving. My job as a social media analyst has thus far, largely involved analyzing sentiments towards products, agenda’s, brands or even people. Sifting through negative comments for the most part of your day can be rather soul-crushing and result in lesser love for […]