Jolted out into the world some 33 years ago, in a small town in Perak, Malaysia, this human now resides in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Raised with all the love, care, and support, and presented with all the opportunities made available, she was still thrown into a dark pool, like many of us, to figure out her place in the world.

Though my documentation dictates what you should call me, I have branded myself as Jay Nair for the past 10 years now. This is, of course, to present a more comfortable roll of the tongue (I mean pronunciation, just in case no one got this), for everyone, when they needed to get my attention.

Many of us in this part of the world grow up not ever finding out what we love doing nor what we’re impeccably good at. Our parents or guardians would then make the choice for us. I was lucky enough to have a pretty cool father who ensured that unlike many Malaysian Indians who studied to become a lawyer, doctor, or even an accountant, I did not become part of that statistic, and instead, was enrolled for a course in Multimedia Application. For the next 3 years from here, I gleefully attended classes in 2D and 3D animation, Audio Visual Techniques, Creative Design, Programming and even Mathematics. Many more awesome subjects come to mind, but I’m here to give you a gist of this life that never really translated as how it started – like how every brilliant script develops itself.

I now reside in the city Kuala Lumpur, amidst rat races and gorgeous nature, if you’re inquisitive enough to venture. Living in this city for 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several other special humans who have given me opportunities that have shaped my mind and life. I started off being a service desk analyst for several years, which triggered a part of me that loved solving technical problems. Like all great tragedies, opportunities did not present itself to further grow in this space, and so my journey into the insights world started in 2015 where I proudly co-headed a team of social media analysts in the Social Listening section of a Media Intelligence company in Kuala Lumpur. After doing that for 3 years, I decided it was time to take a little break from the intensity and overwhelming world of Social Media, and joined a little homely Market Research company, thus beginning my career in Content Marketing.

I’m always looking for interesting projects to work on. While having a full-time job is indeed fulfilling and largely provides security, many of us can agree that our jobs may have limitations to the extent it is able to push us beyond our known capabilities. We’re not really aware of our full potentials because we achieve different heights each day and the bar keeps raising. We unknowingly delve deeper into the unknown, every day. Always  be curious. Having a brilliant mind, all the required skills, and experience is a wonderful thing, however, having an awesome attitude is where the magic happens. I have learned that people are the biggest puzzles waiting to be solved. Every move, and word we communicate with each other unlock larger microscopic areas of the brain, waiting to begin their work.